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Campus And Community

We believe that every child is unique. Each one has a different pace of learning, which needs to be discovered by the school.

Therefore, Sathya Sai Schools understand and fulfil the individual needs of each and every learner.

We tickle the imagination of our children so that they can grasp faster. We encourage them to explore, experience, experiment and discover their own path. We provide them with a stimulating environment where love, affection and joy brings out the best in them.

We have an education system that builds the character of its students and empowers them in all aspects of mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual growth.

The kids in our classroom are infinitely more significant than the subject matter we teach.

With a maximum of 30 students in a class, every child receives the personal attention that he/she deserves and needs.

A broad range of subject areas are taught to provide children with sufficient flexibility when choosing their area of specialization

Special emphasis is placed on learning Languages to enable the students master the languages.

Exposures to National and International issues to increase students awareness.

Innovative problem solving techniques, questioning and active participation in discussions are strongly encouraged to build curiosity and confidence.

Community Matters

The relationship between home and school plays a vital role in the success of our students. Parents are encouraged to get involved in their child’s education, especially in relation to homework. Independent study helps students to develop the research ability, independent thinking and self-motivation required for success in higher education and the workplace.

The school has Parents Audit committee, in which Graduate mothers become members and can do audit of any students’ work, on any day at school.

Teachers make surprise house visits to monitor students’ attitude and behavior at home and also to understand the child’s family background better.